Thursday, January 22, 2009

My bad, heh

One thing that i hate doing to my frens is
FFK them
(means fong fei kei la, i think u all know rite)
It happens that I rarely date people
for outings is cos i know my schedule is
all over the place
i make decision randomly
and i like being that
that is my way of living

in conclusion, i nearly did not date people
unless last minute
and i mean LAST MINUTE calling
i admit tat is not a very good behaviour
i am trying to getting rid of it O K?
i repeat.. i am only
its not so easy of a bad habit u know
its like diet for fat people
ok maybe a little bit exaggerate
but u get abit of idea of it la

ok the main reason for this post is
recently, i have call out people for some
night outings and i know i din quite catch up
with the outings
i was really busy these few days
and have no time to explain
i apologize to the people that might
indirectly hurt from those words that i missed

the outings was not succefull is cos of
quite a few party couldnt make it.
basically it all came like a news
"Oh so sorry i cant make it and so on so on"
"No Money la and so on so on"
like this sort of things la
so being the "planner" wad i can do is
read those messages
and say
"!@#$ you"
haha no la
just kidding

I am here just to apologize to my frens
i am really sorry
i will try to make another one ok
sorry for wasting ur time or u might
space out the time for it
Truly sorry =(

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