Monday, December 8, 2008

You, my everything

I know..
it has been so long since i last updated my blog
its holiday wert so the usual
thing happens to me la

However, what motivates me to blog today is this person


His name is Joey lim ju-ee,
he is my husband ( I dun care !!) he is!!!
so whoever is intrested with him after
seeing his photo can go pray
to god for another guy.

he is not available!

he is now enjoying his holiday trip in taiwan
and later hong kong for about 8 days.
and yes i miss him like damnnnn alot
and i realise this even before he went for his trip
so i am here to share abit stuff with all of u la

it started two days before he left for his trip
that day was Friday,
for the first time,
he woke up early for me

(and i can tell u he is like sleeping buddah
he can miss out the most important thing for his sleeps
and i am serious)
so as i said, he woke up early

to fetch me for interview for my work
the interview supposed to start at 3 30

so we woke up at 1 30 to get ready
cos we are not familiar with the roads
we reach there at 2 30 and we decided to
take our breakfast there
just at that moment we wanted to eat
i received sms form the agent
saying the interview was postpone to 4 30
of course abit dulan lo
but he insisted to wait for me

the interview end at around 6 something
and he din scream for any boredness at me
so on the way back we were darn tired

and its was really jammed at the road
but again...

he din get mad
we managed to reach home at 8 30
from one utama to subang
then, i wanted to watch Bolt with him

even though we din went at last
but he agreed to watch with me at first,
but i can sense that he was so tired

and he needs some break
so i canceled it out

at that night,
for the first time
i feel very touch about his sacrifice to me
to me its really touching...

one day defore he left for his trip
That day was Saturday, it was my first day of work
in the morning he looked at me with my unifo
he tell me he doesnt like my uniform

but he din get mad as well
he was being so understandable
and gave me support for my job
he again, wake up really early

fetch me to work
we reach mid valley at around 11 45
and i straight away went to work
then he came down mid valley alone
to shopping just because

he want to wait me for my break time
for the first time again..
he went shopping alone for me
he never likes to shopping
he teman me until 3 and i went back to work again
after awhile he came to visit me

cos he want to leave already
when i look at him leaving
i nearly breakdown
because i tought it would be until next next week

to see him again
it was real hard to control my feelings while working
suppose that night i follow my fren's car go home
but suddenly he texted me
saying he wanted to fetch me from work

so he come from setapak to midvalley
and midvalley to subang
then went back to setapak
he said he left something important at my house

but i know all he do is just want some extra time with me
for the second time,
i feel i am the happiest women in the world
we went for some eating before he left
but i was being so useless
cried a little when he is leaving
and i wished him for his best at hong kong and taiwan
at that moment i can really
feel his love to me

and i tell myself to appreciate this guy before its too late

the day he leave for his holiday trip

early morning i woke up
i woke up by worrying i missed his call
before he flies to taiwan
one the way going to work
he msg me some touching stuff

at that moment
i just wanna tell him not to go
during working hour
i was not in the mood at all

but i din tell
cos i dun wan him to worried about me

and now...
it has been two days alreay..
counting downs for his arrival!!

and i put pressies as excuse to be happy about his trip
haha and i truely wished him for his trip
to be fun, save, enjoying and worth going

migh not be as smart as other guy
might not be as rich as other guy
might not be as handsome as other guy
might not be as romantic as othe
r guy
but to me..
he is better than every single guy outside there
he has all the things to make me feel perfect
make me feel safe with him

and the most important is he make me feel like
i am the happiest person in this world
and i really meant my every single words in this post

at here i wan to tell him

i will appreciate him and will not dissapoint him
in any other way

i love u

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the picture in my mind

if you ask me what is the best thing for me i would say memories
because i never learn to appreciate what i got
but when i get to know its good
it will be too late
infact i hope everything will slowdown

growing up is too fast
i just wanna stay at the right moment
and taste the happiness

its 9th November now,

it will be 21 more days to my birthday
i know its abit early to mention this
today, my mum asked me
whether what i want for my birthday
at the moment i was blank
i tot i wanted lots of stuff
but at that moment i cant tell
maybe what i really want is the birthday wishes to come true

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fail or Pass?

completed my final exam for semester 1 in Monash
i can tell u its very tiring

I should be very happy on this moment
but i got damaged by the marketing paper
it hit me so hard....
there is a very high chance for me to fail

Anyway, i should be thinking for which subject to major
i was thinking financing or marketing
but i dun really know now
marketing is like easier to study but when comes to work
will be difficult
econs? accounts?
any idea???

Sunday, November 2, 2008

easy ur ass la


WHO SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARKETING IS NOT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Stomach cramp!!
i am having this frequent stomach cramp since friday!
and i dont get a clue wad lap sap i have eaten...
oh god....
better dont let this happen during marketing exam

so yeah today is sunday and tmr is marketing exam at 1 30pm
ok i currently studied
40% of the whole thing!
not a good sign


Among all the subject i think i have the least confident on marketing
because marketing is all memorizing.
so f!@#$% worried

On the other hand....!!!
Tomoro will be my last paper!!!!

After tomoro.. at exactly 3 30pm tomoro
i can officially declare the status of
Party like a rockstar

u know wad
i cant wait

Monday, October 27, 2008

WAD THE HELL...... 0% productive day

omg omg omg... Tmr is my ACCOUNTING FINAL EXAM.. omg in just another 12 and half hours... and i did not study since saturday.. i hate weekends!!!! it makes me feel so lazy.... i get even lazier evryday man..

i dare not imagine how the paper will be, how everyone is busy studying.. i am so scared la.. i feel like i have already done my reading and yet i feel like i only study for a little.. okay this seems abit ridiculous but i think i am just giving excuse to myself so that i dont have to study so much..

u see now i am ranting about my laziness rite.. when the result comes out then i will regret like hell but i just could not help myself... i just wan a pass for every subject.. say i am a loser.. boo!!!

after this few days of slacking i can now nominate myself for the world laziest person... not kidding

ok off to more slacking period =p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to 1?

As all of u notice i deleted all my previous post cause of the messy-ness and non-uniform font. I now announce a new and fresh start for my blog!! wee-hooo.. nothing to be excited about actually.. lolx

Currently i am having finals and being a bad student i procrastinate everyday even its so near!! I never never NEVER stay at my house for so long BEFORE without going out for a break.. hmm maybe you will think i am a good student rite but NO YOU ARE WRONG!! Even i stay at house but i did not study.. i know... its really omg.. any medication would not make an effect on me.. i am just toooooo lazy... until i have so much time to look for nice blogskin.. edit it.. typing post.. hopeless la..

Next paper

Introductory Accounting A Tuesday 1:30pm

Anyways... Pray hard for my paper! i will appreciate all of ur effort..

Bye peeps =) had a great day