Friday, October 1, 2010

Its been awhile

Hello everyone!!
I know i know, i abandoned my blog again. lolx
Today was a really good day to me
Hence, the blogging mood is back.
Kinda feel tat the layout of my blog is so outdated and ugly
thinking of changing it but that will be later.

Looking at the old pictures make me realise that
lotsa things have change. lolx.

Oh to update everyone, some might know already
my house is going on for some renovation
the renovation work will start next week
hopefully it turns out well.
it'll take about 3 months to complete or more
quite a major renovation.
So if u wanna know how my house will look like after tat
visit me during CNY can get ang pau summore leh. haha

Alright, so much for today.
Sneak peak of my newest hair style and look

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Time Flies, Summer Holiday Ended, Uni started.
This semester is gonna be a new chapter again, it is different as previous sem
Eng Chuan no longer doing Finance which leaves me with no close friends anymore
But still, *exhale deeply* looking at brighter side, there is still one subject that is same with her,
Even worst for next sem, Eng Chuan will be leaving to Australia.
Why la, everyone is leaving!! ='(

Beloved friends liike Wen Khai, Magan left to Aussie Land already.
So this sem will be a new one for me, i hope it will turn out to be better so lets pray. =)

My Besties should know that I had a serious fight(sort of) with one of my friend,
well things didnt get better. Honestly to say i am really tired of all those bullshits,
i was so dumb to pick up the responsible to take care of her like i HAVE to
without even her to be appreciate of.
Seriously i am not afraid that if she read this which i think she wouldnt,
but if u are reading this i wanna tell u that i had enough.
I cannot take any of ur attitude anymore,
its not about the stuffs that we argued about, its about the way u treat people.
Seriously i dont even wan to talk about it anymore.

To my Best Friend,Carmen, we were so close during high school,
we get mad together everyday,
chit chat non stop everyday,
name-ing people *this is lame but i love it so much* haha,
Kap Zhai everyday or u can say observe,
doing silliest things together.... so so much more.. Those days were BEST for me.
But after we all move on to college, we werent THAT close anymore. We dont really hang out anymore.

But the "bond" is still there, deep down in my heart.
Even until now, i miss u everyday(i am not lesbian),
and then i realise we left out too much outings when u are still in Malaysia.
No doubt, when people ask me who is ur best friend the first person that popped into my mind is U.
It is amazaing how our friendship is so strong.
I regretted i din hang out with u much back then, i know there is nothing i can change now but i promise that i will take my time to hang out with u when u come back!!
I want to have pillow talk sessions with u!!
Having Beers talking about things around us, it will be so perfect!
and of course with Denise, Esther they all!
And finally, I really DAMN miss you!! My Bitch! haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


decorations at there
testing the pictures quality.
scenery inside the windows of the world
ps:mi think the size of the photos i uploaded makes the pictures below blurry

some updates =)

Hello everyone!!
I neglected by blog again.. lol
i am lazy xD
My last post was in 2009!
and since i never really greet year 2010
like how everyone does in their blog,
So here u go, Happy New Year everyone!

For me, Year 2009 was not a bad year.
although there was some challenges
that needed to
face,i managed to go through it =).
the most memorable moment that lies within myself

is my surprised birthday party!

eventhough i might not express it personally

but i really appreciate everyone who
was there
and of course my baby

So.. and then it is year 2010 already.
and its time for resolutions, it is my first time though.. haha
1) Gain weight to 40kg (i am just too skinny la and i know!!)
2) Did well for my studies( i am writing this with guilt cos i had been skipping too many classes)
3) Control my temper
4) Travel with baby and frens to BEACH baybeh!! haha
5) Be more independant
6) Dun take small things seriously
7) Treasure him
And i guess thats it la.. haha
Dun judge, dun judge! xD

and I hope everyone had a great year ahead!
Happy Tiger new year!

oh and chin
ese new year is coming
and i haven get any new clothes yet its time to do some shopping
but with who?and where?
and and and

my finals in on 9th of Febuary !
Wish me Luck =)

and and and...

not forgetting the pictures i took in hong kong!
if u guys din know..
i went to hong kong and shen zhen with my families
it was a pleasure trip with family members around!
reach!! hong kong airport!
our hotel in shen zhen.. lolx
i share this bed with my beloved cousin sister!
our room =)

window of the world in shen zhen
family picture time!
i dunno why all the pictures here are blur and not nice! ish

the rest i will upload next time, till then..

Friday, November 6, 2009


i was told that i am a person that
seeks attention

i wasnt upset nor sad when i heard tat
but i was literally shocked
the first thing came to my mind is
other ppl look at me tat way?
pretty disappointing though
cos i really is NOT
seeking any attention from anybody

yes, my attitude maybe a little bit over
and hyped up all the time
but my intention is not to
seek attention
that is just plain attitude of mine

the minute i heard tat
i wasnt angry at her but was really
MAN! i am really a loser
people look at me like tat
for so many years and now only
i get to realize?
tsk tsk tsk

its really hard to respond to wad she told me,
cos tat is my attitude and
its hard to change and i think
i might not able to change it.
For so many living years,
i really tried to keep my mouth shut all the time
but i find it really hard
i know i annoyed people easily
but seriously its not
on purpose or wad-so-ever

i guess its real hard for me
to get some new frens

ps: the intention for this post is not to seek attention as well.. (from the bottom of my heart)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am currently so into

i keep checking out those phones
which i dunno wh
not like i am really getting it
i kept asking for th
e price
specifications and all
and make every salesguy
tot that i really wan to buy
they must me damn p
iss off at me
cos i really ask damn cibai long
keep comparing each touch screen phone

and at last!!!!!!!!!
no no no i din buy
i had my eyes on this model!!!
Samsung Jet S8000
omg omg omg
damn chun rite!!
now cross my finger
that my mum would strike lottery
or either my N82 to die!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Will it be fun???

Time Flies like nobody business and its now
mid september already
was busy completing assignments and test
in this two weeks
tmr will be my last test and huhuhu
one more assignment to go only!!

I managed to take out some of my time
to watch some movie these few weeks,
they are Up, Orphan and Where Got Ghost
I Love all 3 movies that i have watched
oh ya
Final Destination 4 is another movie that i have watched
but it wasnt really nice though

I am attending my cousins wedding this weekend
yes cousinS with an S
one is cousin sister one is cousin brother
damn annoying can!!!!
People already busy with thier assignments and all
they wanna get married during the PEAK season
well i am not really close with both of them
but since my cousin sister counldnt find anyone
so me and my another cousin sister will be her
'Bun Leong'(in cantonese)
Dun have any idea of being bun leong
i guess it will be damn dead lorh
i dunno how to me-meriah the situasi lo
shit lo sure damn fail wan her wedding
i cant imagine of ruining ppls wedding
oh yea my cousin sister is damn quiet type of person
tats y she have no frens(according to my mum)
i am just afraid that the wedding will be very

Hate taking long journey