Thursday, September 17, 2009

Will it be fun???

Time Flies like nobody business and its now
mid september already
was busy completing assignments and test
in this two weeks
tmr will be my last test and huhuhu
one more assignment to go only!!

I managed to take out some of my time
to watch some movie these few weeks,
they are Up, Orphan and Where Got Ghost
I Love all 3 movies that i have watched
oh ya
Final Destination 4 is another movie that i have watched
but it wasnt really nice though

I am attending my cousins wedding this weekend
yes cousinS with an S
one is cousin sister one is cousin brother
damn annoying can!!!!
People already busy with thier assignments and all
they wanna get married during the PEAK season
well i am not really close with both of them
but since my cousin sister counldnt find anyone
so me and my another cousin sister will be her
'Bun Leong'(in cantonese)
Dun have any idea of being bun leong
i guess it will be damn dead lorh
i dunno how to me-meriah the situasi lo
shit lo sure damn fail wan her wedding
i cant imagine of ruining ppls wedding
oh yea my cousin sister is damn quiet type of person
tats y she have no frens(according to my mum)
i am just afraid that the wedding will be very

Hate taking long journey

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