Monday, October 27, 2008

WAD THE HELL...... 0% productive day

omg omg omg... Tmr is my ACCOUNTING FINAL EXAM.. omg in just another 12 and half hours... and i did not study since saturday.. i hate weekends!!!! it makes me feel so lazy.... i get even lazier evryday man..

i dare not imagine how the paper will be, how everyone is busy studying.. i am so scared la.. i feel like i have already done my reading and yet i feel like i only study for a little.. okay this seems abit ridiculous but i think i am just giving excuse to myself so that i dont have to study so much..

u see now i am ranting about my laziness rite.. when the result comes out then i will regret like hell but i just could not help myself... i just wan a pass for every subject.. say i am a loser.. boo!!!

after this few days of slacking i can now nominate myself for the world laziest person... not kidding

ok off to more slacking period =p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to 1?

As all of u notice i deleted all my previous post cause of the messy-ness and non-uniform font. I now announce a new and fresh start for my blog!! wee-hooo.. nothing to be excited about actually.. lolx

Currently i am having finals and being a bad student i procrastinate everyday even its so near!! I never never NEVER stay at my house for so long BEFORE without going out for a break.. hmm maybe you will think i am a good student rite but NO YOU ARE WRONG!! Even i stay at house but i did not study.. i know... its really omg.. any medication would not make an effect on me.. i am just toooooo lazy... until i have so much time to look for nice blogskin.. edit it.. typing post.. hopeless la..

Next paper

Introductory Accounting A Tuesday 1:30pm

Anyways... Pray hard for my paper! i will appreciate all of ur effort..

Bye peeps =) had a great day