Thursday, April 9, 2009


regarding the previous post, i actually got something like stomach infection or food poisoning. On the evening of that day i posted last post i was actually admitted into hospital. My kidney was dehydrated and so i need the drip and injection bla bla bla the two days experience was not so good and at that time i really could feel the phrase health is wealth
i really feel so pityful for those old ppl that receives medication at the hospital. It was not easy to fall asleep in the hospital bed with the drips that hurts u if u moved too hard also with the nurse keep coming into ur room like every 1 or 2 hour. and u need someone to help u to go to the toilet, to drink water, to on and off the tv, to eat, basically to do everything. I really need to thanks my mum that accompany me to go trough that, she is the one who help me in every single thing that i cant do myself, waking her up so ocassionally in the middle of the night to drink water and go to the toilet. I wouldnt have feel more relaxed if she is not there. thanks mummy.
I din really inform ppl that i was hospitalized because i thought that it would be a fuss for ppl to come visit me or so. So i onli inform some of them that i really cared, Denise and Carmen actually wanted to visit me on the second day, but i requested to checked out early even though the doctor recommend me to stay for another day. One of the reasons was, i couldnt stand staying at the hospital and another reason is that i do not want to waste my mum's time and effort and also the money.
that was all over and now i feel so nice staying at home.
After i came out from hospital, my boyfriend actually fetch me to everywhere i wanted to go. It was really a thankful help because i couldn't drive well, i do not know how to express in here but if u are reading this, thanks alot. I know thanks is not the word but i really feel so sorry to troubled u all the time and i love u.
People, please take care of ur own health alrite? =) Its important. Carmen, stop drinking too much alcohol and do not take medicine with it ok. and quit smoking k. its BAD. and Esther too.. who is all the way in Australia, dont fall sick!
alrite, off to assignment.

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