Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello Everyone!!!
*wondering is there anyone still reads my blog*
anyway.. i am blardy bored
so since i have not been updating my blog
its the time to do it now!

so i am still studying in Monash
at the same time struggling to survive there
it wasnt nice experience (academic) there
but at the same time it was nice
to meet some new frens this sem
not many but at least some =)

last semester result was bullshit
and i hope i can do better this sem
so.. lets pray...
its week 6 now btw
so its time to get busy with studies and all
but i guess i am not ready for another wave
too tired to begin the war

am missing few of my frens now
hope they know i love them so much
even though i am busy
just talked to carmen who is in australia in msn
and i had a nice chat with her!
she is so busy so i choose not to disturb her rite now
*ooh she just replied me in msn*

sorry readers..
no picture or interesting stuff
i damn lifeless wan i know
alright lets talk about my feelings
today is my emo day..
suppose to do my assignment
eh no
suppose to START my assignment
but damn lazy
ok ok no assignment talking
recently i realise that
i have not many of friends
i realise i am not good at communicating with ppl
sumtimes i just dun know wad topic to start with
the only friends tat i am comfortable with are those
secondary school mates and few icpu friends
and i feel like my attitude sumtimes annoys them
i guess my attitude is just hard to accept by others..
i am trying to work out with these problems

so i guess thats about it for today
hoping for a better tomoro ^^

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