Friday, November 6, 2009


i was told that i am a person that
seeks attention

i wasnt upset nor sad when i heard tat
but i was literally shocked
the first thing came to my mind is
other ppl look at me tat way?
pretty disappointing though
cos i really is NOT
seeking any attention from anybody

yes, my attitude maybe a little bit over
and hyped up all the time
but my intention is not to
seek attention
that is just plain attitude of mine

the minute i heard tat
i wasnt angry at her but was really
MAN! i am really a loser
people look at me like tat
for so many years and now only
i get to realize?
tsk tsk tsk

its really hard to respond to wad she told me,
cos tat is my attitude and
its hard to change and i think
i might not able to change it.
For so many living years,
i really tried to keep my mouth shut all the time
but i find it really hard
i know i annoyed people easily
but seriously its not
on purpose or wad-so-ever

i guess its real hard for me
to get some new frens

ps: the intention for this post is not to seek attention as well.. (from the bottom of my heart)

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