Wednesday, January 20, 2010

some updates =)

Hello everyone!!
I neglected by blog again.. lol
i am lazy xD
My last post was in 2009!
and since i never really greet year 2010
like how everyone does in their blog,
So here u go, Happy New Year everyone!

For me, Year 2009 was not a bad year.
although there was some challenges
that needed to
face,i managed to go through it =).
the most memorable moment that lies within myself

is my surprised birthday party!

eventhough i might not express it personally

but i really appreciate everyone who
was there
and of course my baby

So.. and then it is year 2010 already.
and its time for resolutions, it is my first time though.. haha
1) Gain weight to 40kg (i am just too skinny la and i know!!)
2) Did well for my studies( i am writing this with guilt cos i had been skipping too many classes)
3) Control my temper
4) Travel with baby and frens to BEACH baybeh!! haha
5) Be more independant
6) Dun take small things seriously
7) Treasure him
And i guess thats it la.. haha
Dun judge, dun judge! xD

and I hope everyone had a great year ahead!
Happy Tiger new year!

oh and chin
ese new year is coming
and i haven get any new clothes yet its time to do some shopping
but with who?and where?
and and and

my finals in on 9th of Febuary !
Wish me Luck =)

and and and...

not forgetting the pictures i took in hong kong!
if u guys din know..
i went to hong kong and shen zhen with my families
it was a pleasure trip with family members around!
reach!! hong kong airport!
our hotel in shen zhen.. lolx
i share this bed with my beloved cousin sister!
our room =)

window of the world in shen zhen
family picture time!
i dunno why all the pictures here are blur and not nice! ish

the rest i will upload next time, till then..

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