Sunday, February 28, 2010


Time Flies, Summer Holiday Ended, Uni started.
This semester is gonna be a new chapter again, it is different as previous sem
Eng Chuan no longer doing Finance which leaves me with no close friends anymore
But still, *exhale deeply* looking at brighter side, there is still one subject that is same with her,
Even worst for next sem, Eng Chuan will be leaving to Australia.
Why la, everyone is leaving!! ='(

Beloved friends liike Wen Khai, Magan left to Aussie Land already.
So this sem will be a new one for me, i hope it will turn out to be better so lets pray. =)

My Besties should know that I had a serious fight(sort of) with one of my friend,
well things didnt get better. Honestly to say i am really tired of all those bullshits,
i was so dumb to pick up the responsible to take care of her like i HAVE to
without even her to be appreciate of.
Seriously i am not afraid that if she read this which i think she wouldnt,
but if u are reading this i wanna tell u that i had enough.
I cannot take any of ur attitude anymore,
its not about the stuffs that we argued about, its about the way u treat people.
Seriously i dont even wan to talk about it anymore.

To my Best Friend,Carmen, we were so close during high school,
we get mad together everyday,
chit chat non stop everyday,
name-ing people *this is lame but i love it so much* haha,
Kap Zhai everyday or u can say observe,
doing silliest things together.... so so much more.. Those days were BEST for me.
But after we all move on to college, we werent THAT close anymore. We dont really hang out anymore.

But the "bond" is still there, deep down in my heart.
Even until now, i miss u everyday(i am not lesbian),
and then i realise we left out too much outings when u are still in Malaysia.
No doubt, when people ask me who is ur best friend the first person that popped into my mind is U.
It is amazaing how our friendship is so strong.
I regretted i din hang out with u much back then, i know there is nothing i can change now but i promise that i will take my time to hang out with u when u come back!!
I want to have pillow talk sessions with u!!
Having Beers talking about things around us, it will be so perfect!
and of course with Denise, Esther they all!
And finally, I really DAMN miss you!! My Bitch! haha

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